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Make up your mind nature  by saiyanslayergaming Make up your mind nature :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 Untitled Drawing by saiyanslayergaming Untitled Drawing :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 4 Easter Minecraft egg by saiyanslayergaming Easter Minecraft egg :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 1 0 RWBY Destiny  by saiyanslayergaming RWBY Destiny :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 2 0
Way of the Force Monk. DD 5e
Way of the Force Monk
Monks of the Way of the Force learn to harness the energy of the world around them. They can wield this power to see what others can not, increase their abilities and protect themselves.
Sight of the Force
When you choose this tradition at 3rd level you can see through the force. You have advantage on insight checks. You gain darkvision out to a range of 60 feet, if you already have darkvision it increases by 60 feet, magical darkness does not impede your darkvision. if you are blinded you can spend 1 Ki point to give yourself Blindsight or Tremorsense until the effect ends. You can spend 2 Ki points to give yourself True sight out to a range of 30 feet for one minute.
Touch of the Force
At 6th level you gain the ability to channel the force into your touch. You can spend 2 Ki points to cast either Cure Wounds or Inflict Wounds, replacing one of your attacks.
Force Augmentation
Starting at 11th level you can augment your physica
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Renegades Reacts: boer vs the snake by saiyanslayergaming Renegades Reacts: boer vs the snake :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 Storm Razor by saiyanslayergaming Storm Razor :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 hey Ruby, Why the long face. RWBY fanart by saiyanslayergaming hey Ruby, Why the long face. RWBY fanart :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 5 Scandlan Peom by saiyanslayergaming Scandlan Peom :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 How did I get here? by saiyanslayergaming How did I get here? :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0
Journey to the East: Chapter 3
Journey to the East
Chapter 3
Journey revealed
Several hours went by with much talk and cheer. According to Koron and Boron, Thoron's wife, Nalian, had survived the attack on Argon and escaped all the way to Salem, half the continent away. There she was found by a ranger who took her further north to safety in a city called Orod en Arran. there she gave birth to her child, and for a few generations the decedents of Thoron stayed there in secret. Until a few years ago Doenthineb came to Koron and told him it was time to reclaim his great-grandfather's throne. Koron and Boron traveled to Salem and Arkos to gather an army, but few there believed there story. They then went to Renora, but they are under attack and have few Dwarves to spare. They managed to convince Envymi and Wragon to join them. While they did that Doenthineb went to Ciladan, Pilar, and Atlas. But, according
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The Nazgl  by saiyanslayergaming The Nazgl :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 1 0 The race of men by saiyanslayergaming The race of men :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 Men of the West by saiyanslayergaming Men of the West :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 0 0 Nothing bad ever happened by saiyanslayergaming Nothing bad ever happened :iconsaiyanslayergaming:saiyanslayergaming 2 1
Journey to the East: Chapter two
Three years have past since the day the old man came to Felix's shop. Since then they became good friends and the old man has told him much of the world and himself. His name is Doenthineb and he is a wizard, one of the last ones. He told him many ancient tales. Many stories, however, are more resent. And one dark tale keeps coming up. Far to the east there are mountains called the Grey Mountains. The dwarves there are prosperous. And in the center of this is the Grey Dale. In it there is only one mountain. It is called Argon and was one of the greatest Dwarven cities in all of Hilon. they dug deep and far, rumors spread of there tunnels being found all the way in the Dividing Mountains (this of corse is not true). But wealth like that attracts dangerous things. It was a day like any other, but that did not last long. There was a loud sound in the eastern Grey Mountains, like a bell but m
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Combat Medic Ziegler (April's reward) by CGlas Combat Medic Ziegler (April's reward) :iconcglas:CGlas 358 6 Witcher!RWBY by lesly-oh Witcher!RWBY :iconlesly-oh:lesly-oh 208 10 Instaart - Uncanny creature by Candra Instaart - Uncanny creature :iconcandra:Candra 148 6 Are you my dad? by lesly-oh Are you my dad? :iconlesly-oh:lesly-oh 53 1 wasting spells..... Rpg comic by travisJhanson wasting spells..... Rpg comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 308 37 People of Rohan - Rohirrim Cosplay LOTR by Carancerth People of Rohan - Rohirrim Cosplay LOTR :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 129 19 The World Is Rudderless by AmericanDreaming The World Is Rudderless :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 139 41 halfling infestation... rpg comic by travisJhanson halfling infestation... rpg comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 285 30 DBZ- Cyborg18 by Avionetca DBZ- Cyborg18 :iconavionetca:Avionetca 186 20 A little goblin king- new comic by travisJhanson A little goblin king- new comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 313 28 Ellie by bakarov Ellie :iconbakarov:bakarov 121 17 Werewolf guides.... rpg comic by travisJhanson Werewolf guides.... rpg comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 230 27 KONOSUBA by baimonart KONOSUBA :iconbaimonart:baimonart 378 37 Instaart - Little door by Candra Instaart - Little door :iconcandra:Candra 273 6 Tualth Baerged by sirinkman by SirInkman Tualth Baerged by sirinkman :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 94 30 Instaart - Zatanna by Candra Instaart - Zatanna :iconcandra:Candra 253 3



RWBY Destiny
The death of Penny and Pyrrha are both displayed in this edit
It's been a bit since I've posted a story. This is because I'm rewriting the first few chapters of Journey to the East and am working on a new one set in the world of RWBY.


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